My name is Martins Spilners and I’m good at designing, architecting, and building iOS, macOS and web apps.

Currently I’m a part of the awesome team at saas.group helping to deliver Tower Git client (which totally rocks).

My passion project is Journey photo organization app for macOS, which makes it quick and easy to browse and sort your photos.

I’m also building a marketing automatization tool named AdYeet, which automatically promotes Facebook posts to save you lots of manual clicking.

Previously I worked with the friendly team at FullContact Rīga. I built and shipped Contacts+ for Mac, lead development of Contacts+ for iOS, and experimented with some crazy cross–platform development.

Before that I had the pleasure to work with the nice people at Eet.nu. Many are afraid of complete redesigns, but I iteratively restyled and rebuilt the website while optimizing for mobile devices and improving accessibility and usability.

Even before that I built a lot of stuff for Studytube that let them easily rise seed funding.

You can contact me at martins@ctrld.ch.